Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Top 20 Unique Best baby shower ideas

What Is a Baby Shower?

A baby shower usually celebrates the arrival of a new life in the family. It’s an excellent opportunity for friends and family to welcome the newborn, who is almost ready to join the family. No doubt, this is a joyous event and is celebrated with love and excitement. If you are planning a baby shower and searching for unique baby shower ideas.

We have created a list of the 20 best baby shower ideas that can be delightful for the mom-to-be. 

These baby shower party ideas will shower the soon-to-be mommy with gifts and keep friends and family entertained with fresh and fun ideas. So without further ado, look through the list start planning!

Unique ideas that can make your baby shower memorable 

1. Play the right games

If you are stressed about hosting a baby shower thinking, ‘how do I make my baby shower not boring,’ remember that planning proper games related to the occasion can make a fun party. You can play games like Guess This Baby, where each guest will show the group a baby picture, and everyone should guess the baby’s current identity. You can also ask the guests to jot down baby traits, and then ask the mom-to-be from which parent the baby will inherit them.

2. How about advice banners?

Small baby shower ideas are both fun and practical. You can create adorable banners by handing small cardboard animals and ask guests to share any helpful baby advice for the parents.

3. Theme parties to impress guests

Your theme need not be limited to the decorations. You can also extend the theme to the gifts. It is a creative baby shower party ideas and helps guests decide on a gift for the soon-to-be mom. Some of the popular baby shower gifts include the mommy-to-be’s favorite skincare essentials or diapers as well.  

4. A mom-to-be pampering party

Childbirth is an exciting but tiresome journey, and parenting takes a bigger toll on the mother (and her body). Every mom deserves some extra love. For a memorable baby shower, you can plan a day of massages, manicures, pedicures, and facial treatments for the pregnant lady and the guests and make it a gratifying day for everyone.

5. Add a diaper cake that’s not a cake!

Diapers! One of the most vital things mommies are going to need when the baby arrives. When it comes to unique baby shower ideas, a little dramatic addition like a diaper cake or a diaper themed party is a brilliant idea. Guests can bring Bdiapers hybrid Diapers, and write notes for the baby. If you are a guest, remember that this brand can ease the soon-to-be mom’s burden. 

6. Invite daddy’s friends too!

When it comes to a party to celebrate a new family member’s arrival, daddies must be present, too, right? So, why make a baby shower only about the mommy and the soon-to-be coming baby? Invite the daddy’s friends too, and let them participate in fun baby games, drinks, and good food. 

7. Relaxing baby shower

Baby showers usually involve the ladies of the house, right? So why not arrange for a fun day out together? Maybe at a spa, where all the ladies can enjoy a pampering session and discuss babies. It will be both relaxing and rejuvenating for the pregnant lady and her close friends.

8. Kid-friendly baby shower 

If you are still thinking, ‘how do I make my baby shower not boring,’ don’t worry! We have the best ideas for you. Although generally, you don’t see kids at the baby shower, this time you can let the siblings-to-be get the opportunity to enjoy and welcome their baby sister or brother in the family, since they’ll be anticipating the arrival of the little one as well.

9. Not a barbeque but a baby-Q

Why plan an in-house party? Think outside the box. Go outside and let the guests enjoy a backyard barbeque. It’s more cost-efficient, and if you are throwing a last-minute celebration, a baby-q is among the best baby shower ideas that work.

10. Movie night with mom-to-be

What is better than a girls’ night watching fun movies? A girls’ night turned into a chic baby shower party! Wear comfortable clothes, eat popcorn together, and enjoy a good film about pregnancy or kids. Nothing can be a theme better than this one. It’s an excellent treat for family and friends.

11. Be more creative with art & craft

Among unique baby shower ideas, art & craft themed baby shower is quite popular. Baby shower art and craft ideas include making headbands for baby girls, painting baby hangers, creating bows for the baby girl, decorating letters, and making wall hangings to hang in the baby’s nursery.

12. How about a brunch shower?

If you don’t have much planning time and want your baby shower to be special, arrange a brunch (mix of breakfast and lunch). Relax with your friends and family while sharing the joy of parenthood with the expecting parents.

13. The one who wins gets a prize!

To make baby shower games enjoyable, arrange a prize for those who win the organized games. The gifts can be simple things like in blue or pink to denote a girl or boy.

14. Ask for books instead of other gifts

Raising a newborn is tough, and the new mommy and daddy will need lots of advice and information regarding babies. Don’t be shy to ask for books instead of other gifts while organizing a baby shower, as this will be a great help in the future. If you are a guest, you can also gift picture books for babies, as they are very popular among kids and useful for mothers.

15. Diaper changing game in the baby shower

For the funniest baby shower party ideas, you must have diaper changing games. Blindfold the guests and tell them to change diapers of dolls. Trust me! A diaper changing game uplifts the mood of the party in seconds. To make this game colorful, you can use the various designs found at Bdiapers hybrid diapers.

16. Funny onesie painting station

Your worry about how do I make my baby shower not boring is needless because you entertain your guests by setting up an onesie painting station where every guest can paint a plain white onesie of their choice for the baby.

17. Watercolor or other balloons 

To make the baby shower party cheerful, you can decorate the area with white balloons and decorate them with acrylic paints in soft pastels.

18. Go for a jungle theme party

All kids love animals, and when it’s about baby showers, nothing can beat a jungle-themed party. Invite the expecting mom’s other mommy friends and their kids as well. You can decorate the walls with animal wall stickers. Set a dessert table with animal figure cupcakes for everyone. Not only kids, but moms will be happy too.

19. A couple’s buffet is the best

It is stressful to organize a party at home, so you can book a buffet meal at a restaurant and enjoy the rest of the day. It is up to you if you want to invite just the ladies or their better-halves as well. If you can book a private space, you can implement these suggested small baby shower ideas and put up some baby shower decorations according to your taste. The best thing is, you need not clean up afterward.

20. Gender reveal at the baby shower

If you haven’t revealed your baby’s gender yet and have kept it a secret up until now, your baby shower is the best time to reveal it. Make small cards and offer it to the guests when they arrive. Then you can gather around family and friends and tell them to open it at the same time as this will add excitement to the baby shower party.

Hurry! All that’s left is the planning for the baby shower now!

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