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Top 8 Best Modern Cloth Diaper Brands Available in India

Different Brands of Cloth Diapers in India

The diaper is the first thing that comes to one’s mind as soon as you hear a baby. It is indispensable for the baby for a few years. There are disposable and cloth ones as well. Disposables seem very handy, but they take many years to decompose and are not favorable for the environment. The modern cloth diapers are a new prototype and are convenient and even messy at times. Yet, it is so popular and has varied types all over the world. India is, in no way behind the countries. It has its essence of variety. 

The switch or the transition to the modern cloth diapers in the present time is due to the following reasons:

Benefits of using cloth diapers 

  • Reusability Cloth diapers are reusable
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Causes fewer health issues.
  • Cost is less as compared to a disposable one.
  • Less chemical is found in cloth diapers.
  • The cloth diapers are ideal to potty train a baby.
  • Cloth diapers offer more comfort than disposable diapers.
  • Cloth diapers undoubtedly have more designs and colors to offer.

Let us have a look at all variations of cloth diapers in India. These are loaded with vibrant color choices, eye-catching looks, convenient locks, and different types of absorbency levels. It is believed that buying a diaper could be an easy option as one needs to be only aware of the size. Though it is not as easy as it seems. Due to multiple variations and great competition, one can easily get confused with which brand to pick up. There are a couple of pointers that can make life easy and sorted for the parents in buying diapers if followed well.

Different Types of Modern Cloth Diapers

1. Flat Cloth Diapers The regular cloth diapers that one has always been wearing. These are basically pieces of cloth that can be folded and clasped in many ways. 
2. Prefolds As indicative of the name, these diapers are folded as well as stitched and has numerous cloth layers for it to absorb more. It is ideal for parents who are looking for more sustainability. These diapers are made from cotton.
3. Diaper covers The plastic covers that can be fitted over any cloth diaper and are fastened with velcro. This also assures that no leakage takes place. The diaper cover does not need to be changed frequently.
4. Pocket Diapers Pocket diapers are of different kinds and have different features:

  • These diapers are made by combining the fold as well as the diaper covers.
  • Ideal for the babies who have started with foods.
  • These features an outer layer and in the inner part are the absorbing inserts that act as a diaper.
  • This diaper is made of an extremely soft material.
  • It is very comfortable for the babies, comes in a pack of 2 inserts.
  • It is also a unique one as it dries much faster than the others and does not cause any discomfort to the baby.
  • It can absorb very well and is leakproof too.
  • These diapers are known for the fact that their inner inserts are made of microfibre and suede and both are skin-friendly.
  • These are easy to wash as well.
  • These diapers have very soft inner fabric and are even waterproof.
  • Though these are heavy on the pocket, so one needs to take a call likewise. This diaper works both day and night.
  • These are even soft on the skin and waterproof as well.
  • These diapers are suitable for the parents whose babies have started crawling and playing as they help to keep the baby dry.
5. Hybrids They are like pocket diapers, but with the extra option to insert even disposable diaper pads in it, in addition to cloth diapers, essentially giving you the flexibility to use the best of both worlds in one diaper system

List Of Best 8 Cloth Diaper Brands Available in India

8 Best Cloth Diaper Brands India

1. Super Bottoms


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Super Bottoms Cloth Diapers In India

This is one of the finest and preferred cloth diaper brands in India.

Diaper Type– These are all-in-one, with a cover, a set of training pants, and cotton-padded cotton.


  • There are a variety of inserts comprising natural and dry fabric.
  • These inserts last for a long time and can absorb well.
  • They offer kits for the new-borns referred to as starter kits.
  • The brand offers several accessories, inclusive of the diaper and wet bags, etc.

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2. Bdiapers

Bdiapers Cloth Diaper Cover

This is the first-ever diaper brand to come with the unique concept of Hybrid Cloth Diapers in India.

Diaper Type– These are inclusive of a hybrid cloth diaper cover, matching cute t-shirts, diaper outfits, disposable pads, inserts.


  • The only brand to make hybrid diapers.
  • They have disposable as well as reusable inserts.
  • These diapers are made from dual-layer organic cotton.
  • These are breathable and soft on the baby’s skin and offers great warmth as well as comfort.
  • The products become softer as soon as they get washed.
  • They even come in very alluring designs which sure are to seek the attention of the consumers.
  • This brand also offers simple white T-shirts, bibs, bandana, and headbands in their cover.
  • They offer disposable inserts are one of a kind that is not offered by any other brand.
  • The inserts have good absorbent levels and are versatile and chemical-free as well.
  • These are biodegradable and are manufactured locally.
  • The inserts used are made from plant-based materials.
  • These diapers have both the benefits of being stylish as well as offer comfort.
  • They have a pouch that can help in separating the cloth from the diaper making it as good as a disposable one.
  • The pouches are waterproof and they guarantee not to crack despite of several washes.
  • The diapers inserts do not make use of plastic for avoiding leakage.
  • The same diaper cover can be used within the day without having the worry to change it.
  • Apart from a diaper, they even sell other accessories like Silicone Diaper fasteners, Diaper wash sprays, Snap-on Diaper changing pad, Soothing Baby Rash Balm, anytime Bdiaper Caddy, etc.
  • Hybrid diapers can be disposed of in the proper manner thus contributing to the environment.
  • These diapers are chemical-free.

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3. bumGenius

Bumgenius diapers

This brand is famous and known worldwide.

Diaper type: It has a pocket, is all-in-one, fits well, and comes in regular sizes as well as the new-born.


  • Its elastic design is the trademark and offers comfort to the skin of the baby.
  • It has good absorbency levels and good to be used as night-time diapers.
  • These are made of natural fabric 
  • It even has a unique new-born size which can be used by the baby since its first day of birth.

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4. Bumpadum

Bumpadum Diapers

This is a pocket-friendly brand and very famous in India.

Diaper Type-: newly born baby, adjustable for babies weighing 5 kg to 18 kgs and even for potty training.


  • The elastic strap is made of a soft material which does not harm the baby’s skin.
  • They offer organic inserts as well as thin covers for babies with sensitive skin.
  • They even have diapers that can be used at night which offer good absorbing inserts.

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5. Bumberry

Bumberry Cloth DiapersThis brand is one of the oldest ones in India.

Diaper Type– All in one, with diaper covers as well as pocket style diapers as well as inserts.


  • This brand has starter kits for newly born babies.
  • The inserts are sewed in for the diapers that can be used at night.
  • The inserts have great absorbency levels.
  • These are economical and affordable to all.

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6. Tiny care

Tiny Care Cloth Diaper Brand

This Indian brand has a competitive price in the market with skin-friendly quality products.

Diaper type: ideal for new-born babies, potty trainers, cloth diapers, etc.


  • It excels in using soft and cotton material that is soft and has good absorbency levels.
  • These are skin-friendly and breathable material.
  • These diapers can easily be opened and closed as they have velcro and even strings tie-ups.
  • They are of good quality but with a competitive price.

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7. Babyhug

Babyhug cloth diaper brand

This brand offers diapers for younger babies and are made of soft clothes that are pocket friendly.

Diaper type– Flat cloth diapers, Prefolds, diaper covers.


  • These are soft and easy to manage.
  • Made of muslin and cotton as well.
  • They are durable and have easy maintenance.
  • It is made of cotton and comes in vibrant colors.

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8. Ineffable Diapers

Ineffable Diapers

This brand offers cotton diapers that cause no discomfort to the child.

Diaper Type– comes in a pack of 4, reusable, and designed for all sizes.


  • It does not use chemicals.
  • It is soft for the baby’s skin.
  • It has a reusable design.
  • It is pocket friendly 
  • It uses ultra-absorbent material.

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Thus, it sounds nerve-wracking to change over from a disposable diaper to a modern cloth diaper, but it is worth a try. Since they are environment friendly, they help us in making a change to our future and we also keep the baby away from the unwanted chemicals keeping them healthy and happy and even contribute to nature.

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  1. Thanks for the great review on diapers ☺️ I have been using both super bottoms and Bdiapers for my baby. i love both of them but for me Bdiapers Hybrid Diapers covers are more comfortable than superbottoms because I can use both cloth diaper and disposable diaper inserts

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