10 ways to boost your baby’s immunity in the flu season.

10 ways to boost your baby’s immunity in the flu season.

Every child gets ill a few times in their lives least till the age of 5. But don’t let it worry you, because it’s all a part of growing up. Getting ill is not completely avoidable but there are things you can do to keeps these germs and viruses at bay.

One of the foremost precaution to shield your baby’s health is by boosting their immune system.

And while covid-19 may sound scary, there is nothing to fear as our elders always said “Precaution is better than cure”.

Here are 10 Ways to Boost your baby’s immunity in the flu season.

1. Breastfeed and immune boost.

Breastfeeding has an important role in boosting the immune system of your babies in their early stages of life. The antibodies present in breast milk can fight infection and colostrum, the first milk produced after delivery is having a high level of antibodies which can be a headstart for your baby’s health. And through this mother can shield the baby from that illness which she had in the past or is having by just breastfeeding. This is why doctors recommend mothers with illnesses to continue to breastfeed their babies.

And the added bonus is that breast milk contains probiotic factors that serve as an immune support system and aids as a nutrient source for healthy bacteria in the body. And new research suggests that the core of most illnesses starts from the gut so a good gut flora is imperative to health and immunity.

Note: If you can’t breastfeed your baby or chose not to, talk to your pediatrician about the other facts which can replace breastfeeding.

2. Include more greens and colors in the diet

By putting more colors into your child’s plate you can keep the illness out of the home. Children tend to hate when it comes to adding fruits and vegetables to their daily diet and for most of them. However, there are several creative ways to add more color to your child’s diet. Make mealtimes ritualistic and fun. Keep meal times and snack times the same so that the baby can develop the correct schedule. Having more greens on the plate helps kids consume more nutrients such as Vitamin C & Zinc which helps in building resistance to diseases like Covid-19.

Some children may even prefer more high-fat junk foods which can be more “tastier” than these greens but don’t give up on feeding them the greens, you can even try a variety of ways which includes making fruit smoothies, salads, etc even if it is in a small amount because remember something is better than nothing.

3. Ensure quality sleep

Having quality sleep is the strongest precaution against all the illnesses out there.

As a mom, it’s your responsibility to ensure quality sleep for your little one Lack of sleep can make you and your baby vulnerable to deadly diseases like

even covid -19. Having quality sleep at the right time is also important which is a part of our circadian rhythm ( natural sleep-wake cycle depends on the earth rotation). Sleeping at the right times helps your baby to emit toxins and waste out the system. Which makes the body more immune. If your baby is not sleeping for enough time try putting them early in bed.

4. Move that little body a bit.

Exercise! As simple as it looks don’t underestimate this activity.

Let them play as long as they want because guess what this changes everything.

By letting them play, you are developing their motor skills, cognitive and social skills. For children who don’t yet walk can have a little “tummy roll” which includes reaching out to toys and stretching etc.

Making them exercise improves the oxygen content in their tissues and bloodstream which helps them boost their immunity. Easy right?

5. Boycott secondhand smoking.

If you or your spouse smokes, it’s time to quit. This is not just a matter of your health but being a parent comes with a lot of responsibility which includes your baby’s health also. Having you near them can expose them to several diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, ear infection, etc. And even can bring permanent damage to a child’s immune system as a whole.

6. Chose the right diaper.

This may look a bit off, even though the diaper doesn’t have any direct connection with your baby’s immunity it does matter when coming to baby’s health which may cause the development of the whole immune system as well. Because we are responsible for the chemical exposure our babies have with commercial diapers as well as responsible for the impact these have on our environments. Choosing the right diaper is an important factor at this covid time. Having a wet diaper that doesn’t have a proper holding capacity can cause your baby to expose to a series of germs which cause due to the presence of urine or stool in the diaper.

And having a wet diaper increases the possibility to catch flu or cold which we can’t afford at this covid time. A hybrid diaper solves all the issues of rashes and wetness and can keep diseases at bay.

7. Keep your household Hygiene

Your house is in the playground. Keeping household hygiene is vital at this time of corona spread. Even if your house is not sterile clean, a threshold limit is expected when it comes to your baby’s health. Remember sanitizing your feeding equipment and more care for those who have a pet in their home.

8. Make them take a sunbath

Exposure to mild sunlight may help to boost your baby’s immune system. As sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D which is expressed in immune cells ( B cells, T cells, antigen cells). Deficiency in Vitamin D causes susceptibility to infection. Well, what a better way to have vitamin D. Note: Sunrays of the early hour of the day and during sunset is most effective and Less harmful from harmful rays.

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9. Keep them hydrated

Keeping them hydrated is the key to a strong immune system. At times like this, our babies are at odds with viruses, and their immune system is highly dependent on the nutrients from the bloodstream and guess what our blood is made mostly with water! Keep in check with the water that little tummy consumes.

10. Make them laugh!

You heard it right. make them laugh! How can this affect our little’s one’s immunity right? So here it goes- Studies show that laughter may improve immune system function by increasing the antibody-producing cells and helps T cells perform more effectively.

So come on tickle that little tummy of your little one.

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I am a cloth diapering, baby-wearing, breastfeeding co-sleeping mother of 2 boys – now, 9 and 4 years old. Pre BDiapers, I held core marketing positions with companies such as Microsoft and Colgate Palmolive (Sydney). Bdiapers was born out of my deep passion for everything natural and sustainable and a desire to go back to the basics.
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